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VARA Digital museum repository is a Project initiated by Varaha tech labs, an Indian startup which is dedicated to promoting the love for arts, culture and heritage documentation. VARA is VTL's first offering, aimed at improving the visibility and accessibility of the archeological artifacts displayed at major museums. The endeavor is not to replace the physical museum experience, but to bridge the distance – making the artifacts more available to both public and scholars.

Vara showcases digital 3D reproduction of medium and small size archaeological artifacts. Presented in a highly interactive format, VARA intends to support the elaboration of a virtual and interactive exhibition environment, and also to provide a scientific archive of highly accurate models for specialists.

The National Museum in Delhi is at the forefront of technology adoption to enhance visitor experience and this project was made possible through their generous support. VTL was able to extract high fidelity data and later used industry standard post-processing methods to carefully clean the raw data in order to build a coherent single polygon mesh. Further, different LoDs created from the high density data will be used in myriad other ways too.

Vara is committed to bringing never before features to aid education and collaborative research for enthusiasts across the world by building a repository of near true 3D reproduction of the gallery exhibits, and providing detailed information regarding the artifacts. it further plans to promote research and conversations around the artifacts. Unbound dissemination of data will allow significant developments in our understanding of the past, and VARA would especially help the early career researchers who frequently find it hard to continue research due to inaccessibility of data.

As part of our future updates, you will be able to enjoy the following features.

  • Create your own personalized collections
  • Easy sharing of artifacts among peers
  • Better control and presentation capabilities for institutions
  • Digital reconstruction of missing details
  • Request raw data for research purposes
  • Request 3D print reproduction of select artifacts

And much more. We look forward to your inputs to make VARA even more robust and useful!