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Dynasty : Kakatiya
Period : Late Medieval 1200 CE
Material : Stone
Location : National Museum
Current Location : National Museum
Description :
Mahishasura is a Sanskrit word composed of mahisha meaning buffalo and asura meaning demon, or "buffalo demon". As an Asura, Mahishasura waged war against the Devas, as the Devas and Asuras' were perpetually in conflict. Mahishasura had gained the boon that no man could kill him. In the battles between the gods and the demons, the Devas led by Indra were defeated by Mahishasura. Dejected by their defeat, the Devas assemble in the mountains where their combined divine energies coalesce into goddess Durga. The new born Durga led a battle against Mahishasura, riding a lion, and killed him. Thereafter she is named Mahisasuramardini, meaning "the killer of Mahishasura". Image of eight-armed Mahisasuramardini, carved in the round, standing on a pedestal under a cusped arch. While she supports her weight on her left leg, the right is doubled and raised (broken from the thigh). Six arms are broken, two from the elbow and four from the wrist. In the upper right hand in karkimukha, she holds a broken weapon while in the left third, a broken shield. To her right on the pedestal, an armed asura is being devoured by the lion while to her left on the pedestal, is the damaged figure of Mahisasura on the buffalo in warrior pose, holding the shield in his left hand while the right arm and leg is broken. She wears a bejewelled karandamukuta, a beaded halo, pearl kundalas, pearl necklaces, bangles and anklets. She has full and firm breasts. The lower garment is held at the waist by an elaborate girdle studded with pearls and tassels.