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Gaja - Lakshmi

Dynasty : Pala, Bihar
Period : Late Medieval 700 CE
Material : Stone
Location : National Museum
Current Location : National Museum
Description :
Gaja-Lakshmi or Elephant Lakshmi is the giver of power and royal splendour. It is believed that Gaja Lakshmi helped Lord Indra regain his lost power from the depth of the ocean. She is the bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace, abundance and royalty. She emerged during the churning of the ocean along with elephants. Elephants sprayed water on her like the ritual of consecration or abhishek. Lakshmi’s association with elephants symbolizes her royal or sovereign powers. Image of standing Gaja-Lakshmi carved against an oval shaped slab (feet damaged). Her right forearm is broken and lost, while in her left hand, she holds the stem of a full-blown lotus going above her head. Her hair is tied into a top knot and bound by a circular head-dress. She wears kokuru, earrings, kajuras, hara, and diaphanous sari, the folds of which are visible between her legs and on her both sides. It is secured by a girdle, and chains are falling on both the thighs. Two fully caparisoned elephants holding inverted jars in their trunks are shown anointing her. Two small figures (lower part damaged), stand near her feet on both sides. Facial features of the Devi, the back part of the elephant carved on the left.