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King Narsimha worshipping Jahhannatha

Period : Late Medieval 1200 CE
Material : Stone
Location : National Museum
Current Location : National Museum
Description :
The Eastern Ganga dynasty reigned from Kalinga and their rule consisted of the whole of the modern-day Indian state of Odisha as well as parts of West Bengal, from the 11th century to the early 15th century CE. Today, they are most remembered as the builders of the Konark SunTemple an UNESCO World Heritagesite at Konark, Odisha. King Narasimha was a powerful monarch and warrior of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty of early medieval Odisha who reigned from c.?1238–1264 CE. He defeated the Muslim forces of Bengal who constantly threatened the Eastern Ganga dynasty's rule over his kingdom of Kalinga (ancient Odisha).He is mentioned as Paramamahesvara, Durga-Putra and Purushottamaputra in the Chandrashekhera temple inscription. The titles show that he was a protector and a follower of the Shaiva, Shakti and Jagannatha sects during his rule. The king stands with folded hands on the proper left facing the temple priest, who is headless and holds a rosary in both of his hands. The left leg of the king is wanting. He wears an ornamented fillet around the head with a crest, necklaces, armlets, bangles and anklets. His hair is tied into a loop at the back and he wears a lower garment with vertical folds. A sword hangs along his left-side. Behind the priest can be noticed a Sivalinga, Jagannatha and a Devi, to whom the king is worshipping. There is a double-roofed structure on top with a purnaghata flanked by a lion and a parrot on either side. On the pedestal in front are Saiva and Vaishnava devotees. Greyish-green stone.