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King Narsimha Discoursing

Period : Late Medieval 1200 CE
Material : Stone
Location : National Museum
Current Location : National Museum
Description :
The Eastern Ganga dynasty reigned from Kalinga and their rule consisted of the whole of the modern-day Indian state of Odisha as well as parts of West Bengal, from the 11th century to the early 15th century CE. Today, they are most remembered as the builders of the Konark SunTemple an UNESCO World Heritagesite at Konark, Odisha. The king is seen seated on a throne to the proper right facing six pundits, one of them holding a manuscript. His left leg is flexed and hence rests the foot on the right thigh, and his right leg is suspended downwards. In his out-stretched left hand she holds a manuscript. The head of the king is broken and lost. He wears necklaces, jewelled armlets, bangles, yajnopavita, anklets etc. his lower garment is fastened at the waist by an ornamented band. A female chauri-bearer and another holding a bag stand behind the king. Below the throne is a frieze in front showing from right to left a damaged figure, an archer holding bow and arrows, and a horn-blower facing two bearded figures with folded hands. Lower still, is another frieze showing a horse, an elephant and other figures.